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Applications of Nanotechnology for Textile Products: A Review

  • Nemailal Tarafder Hooghly Engineering & Technology College, Vivekananda Road, PO & Dist-Hooghly, West Bengal.


The fundamentals of nanotechnology lie in the fact that the properties of materials drastically change when their dimensions are reduced to nanometer scale. Nanotextiles can be produced by a variety of methods. The use of nanotechnology in the textile industry has increased rapidly due to its unique and valuable properties. Changed or improved properties with nanotechnology can provide new or enhanced functionalities. Nanotechnology is a growing interdisciplinary technology and seen as a new industrial revolution. The future success of nanotechnology in textile applications lies in the areas where new principles will be combined into durable and multi-functional textile systems without compromising the inherent properties. The advances in nanotechnology have created enormous opportunities and challenges for the textile industry, including the cotton industry.


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