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E-Farmer Self Service

  • Tharani K
  • Varsini N
  • Revathi K
  • Sri Karthick M


E-Farming is clearly a beginning to have a major impact in the agricultural sector. The way people go about purchasing agricultural products is of great concern. Most of the time customers have to travel far distances to get agricultural products and getting the right quality is not ensured.Even after all the hard work and the production done by the farmers, in today’s market the farmers are cheated by the Agents, leading to a great loss. This project aims to help farmers as well as customers for buying and selling agricultural products directly using a computerized approach. The website will guide the farmers to access new farming techniques, compare current market rate of different products, the total sale and the earned profit for the sold products. The website builds a platform for farmers to ensure greater profitability through direct farmer to farmer, farmer to agent and farmer to customer communication. The website will act as a unique and secure way to perform agro-marketing. This project allows viewing various products available and enables users to purchase desire products instantly by online payment.


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