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Experimental Evaluation of ILSS and Flexural Strength of Hybrid Composite Laminate

  • Jemima J Student of Aeronautical Engineering, Excel Engineering College, Namakkal - 647 303, Tamilnadu, India
  • Karthikeyan A Associate Professor, Excel Engineering College, Namakkal – 647 303, Tamilnadu, India


Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials due to their light weight, low density, high specific strength, corrosion resistant, high stiffness and strength properties have always been widely used for aircraft and space craft applications. Recent development in the aircraft industry substantially improves fuel economy and extending flight range has accelerated interest in the use of advanced composites as primary structures. Above 85% the surface area of the advanced light helicopters are made of fiber composite structures. There are different DT and NDT method to evaluate and analyze the strength of these test specimens out of which the ILSS & FLEXURAL is the DT method to characterize the bonding strength of the fiber/epoxy composite material.  Hence in this project the efforts are made to analyze and evaluate the experimental evaluation of apparent ILSS and FLEXURAL strength of CFRP and hybrid composite laminate. Specimens are prepared as per the DIN 29971 standard for ILSS and DIN 53452 Standard is followed for flexural test. NDT tests were carried using ultrasonic “c” scan and the DT (ILSS) were carried by varying the UTM speed in increments with 2mm/min. The Experimental work will be a base line for calculating the actual strength made with different orientation by the designers and manufactures to manufacture the component and to achieve better components.


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