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Noise Level Reduction In Manufacturing Industry by Using an Engineering Controls

  • Muthu Kumar N PG student, Industrial Safety Engineering, KSR College of Engineering, Tiruchengode.
  • Shiva Sankaran N Professor&Head, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, KSR College of Engineering, Tiruchengode.


Noise level is considered as more important environmental problem,especially in the industrialized and developed countries.Industrial noise is an important source of noise pollution,which annoys and disrupts the daily activities of workers. Automobile industries are having several machineries that produce noise.This paper is based on to reduce the noise level of that machines.The noise levels are identified and monitored for several machines and compared with its actual acceptable limits .The noise levels are be smoothened by an engineering control techniques.After the implementation,once again noise level is measured for the machines to get the result of acceptable noise.This report summarizes the noise and vibration measurement,prediction and assessment methodologies for noise reduction in the machine shop.


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