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The beginning of phygital world

  • Evgeny Soloviov Laboratory of Innovating Engineering, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
  • Alexander Danilov Siberian Federal University, Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation


The Phygital word itself is the combination pf physical and digital technology application.This paper will highlight the detail of phygital world and its importance, also we will discuss why its matter in the world of technology along with advantages and disadvantages.It is the concept and technology is the bridge between physical and digital world which bring unique experience to the users by providing purpose of phygital world. It is the technology used in 21st century to bring smart data as opposed to big data and mix into the broader address of array of learning styles. It can bring new experience to every sector almost like, retail, medical, aviation, education etc. to maintain some reality in today’s world which is developing technology day to day. It is a general reboot which can keep economy moving and guarantee the wellbeing of future in terms of both online and offline.


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