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Heat transfer analysis of hybrid nano-fluid through porous medium

  • Vidyanadha Babu D QIS College of Engineering and Technology, Ongole, A.P


The main focus of this paper is to use water based hybrid nanofluid in place of ordinary fluid in porous medium to improve thermal properties. This paper deals with the effect of MHD and chemical reaction on a hybrid nanofluid through porous medium with suction/injection. We also studied the effects of MHD, heat source, suction/injection and chemical reaction influences on a hybrid nanofluid.  Two types of nano particles namely copper (Cu) and Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) are suspended in base fluid (water) to form the hybrid nanofluid. Similarity transformations are used to change ordinary differential equations to partial equations, and then solved solved by perturbation method. Numerical investigation is carried out to test Skin friction, heat and mass transfer coefficient for different geometrical parameters.


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